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License configuration


QuestPDF is a modern open-source library.

We identify the importance of the QuestPDF library in your projects, and therefore want to ensure you can safely and confidently continue the development.

Being a healthy and growing community is the primary goal that motivates us to pursue professionalism.


Before using code snippets in this documentation, please make sure you are eligible for the chosen license.

More details can be found on the QuestPDF License and Pricing page.

Code change

Please use the following code to configure the appropriate license.

You need to execute this code only once when the application starts, most likely in the Program.cs or the Startup.cs file.

QuestPDF.Settings.License = LicenseType.Community;
QuestPDF.Settings.License = LicenseType.Professional;
QuestPDF.Settings.License = LicenseType.Enterprise;


The library does not require any license key. We trust our users, and therefore the process is simple.

Released under the MIT License