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Next release 2023.6

  1. Merging QuestPDF documents into one PDF file during the generation process.
  2. IntelliSense XML documentation support for all public API methods.
  3. Optimization of FluentAPI implementation.

Long-term focus

  1. Iterative documentation improvements:
    • Improve documentation about each building element: offer more precise behavior descriptions, API references, and more examples,
    • Investigate better connectivity between code examples, e.g., by generating clickable links in the code,
    • Shorten and simplify the Getting Started tutorial,
    • Record a short video introducing the basic concepts of QuestPDF.
  2. Improved text capabilities and language support:
    • Unicode-compliant bi-directional and LTR/RTL Text Support (UAX #9),
    • Unicode-compliant word-break algorithm (UAX #14).
  3. Support for tagged PDFs.
  4. Automated font subsetting to reduce output file size.
  5. New QuestPDF Previewer application to enhance the development experience.

Under consideration

Previewer tool improvements

  • Add support for SectionLinks,
  • Add support for Hyperlinks,
  • Improved UI for general exceptions,
  • Interactive UI for infinite-layout exceptions,
  • Investigation: per-page performance measurement,
  • Investigation: content and elements inspection.

Other ideas

  • Throw exception (debug mode only) when there is no font style close enough to current text style (e.g. no font with italic bold version),
  • Investigation on how to simplify unit tests and make them easier to manage,
  • Relative elements: alignment and translate,
  • Text truncating,
  • Custom slots in components (named slots, dynamic slots).

Released under the MIT License