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Next releases

  1. Improving development experience when debugging infinite layout exceptions,
  2. Optimization of FluentAPI implementation.

Long-term focus

  1. Iterative documentation improvements:
    • Improve documentation about each building element: offer more precise behavior descriptions, API references, and more examples,
    • Investigate better connectivity between code examples, e.g., by generating clickable links in the code,
    • Shorten and simplify the Getting Started tutorial,
    • Record a short video introducing the basic concepts of QuestPDF.
  2. Improved text capabilities and language support:
    • Unicode-compliant bi-directional and LTR/RTL Text Support (UAX #9),
    • Unicode-compliant word-break algorithm (UAX #14).
  3. Support for tagged PDFs.
  4. Automated font subsetting to reduce output file size.
  5. New QuestPDF Previewer application to enhance the development experience.

Under consideration

Previewer tool improvements

  • Add support for SectionLinks,
  • Add support for Hyperlinks,
  • Improved UI for general exceptions,
  • Interactive UI for infinite-layout exceptions,
  • Investigation: per-page performance measurement,
  • Investigation: content and elements inspection.

Other ideas

  • Throw exception (debug mode only) when there is no font style close enough to current text style (e.g. no font with italic bold version),
  • Investigation on how to simplify unit tests and make them easier to manage,
  • Relative elements: alignment and translate,
  • Text truncating,
  • Custom slots in components (named slots, dynamic slots).

Released under the MIT License