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Implementing charts

There are many ways on how to implement charts in the QuestPDF documents. By utilizing the Canvas element and SkiaSharp-compatible charting libraries, it is possible to achieve vector charts.

Please analyse this simple example which utilizes the microcharts library.


The microcharts library is available under a permissive MIT license. More information can be found on its official GitHub page or NuGet page.

Please consider giving them a star on GitHub.


This functionality relies on the SkiaSharp library and the additional integration layer. Please read more about it in the SkiaSharp integration section.

// prepare data
var entries = new[]
    new ChartEntry(212)
        Label = "UWP",
        ValueLabel = "112",
        Color = SKColor.Parse("#2c3e50")
    new ChartEntry(248)
        Label = "Android",
        ValueLabel = "648",
        Color = SKColor.Parse("#77d065")
    new ChartEntry(128)
        Label = "iOS",
        ValueLabel = "428",
        Color = SKColor.Parse("#b455b6")
    new ChartEntry(514)
        Label = "Forms",
        ValueLabel = "214",
        Color = SKColor.Parse("#3498db")

// draw chart using the Canvas element
.Column(column =>
    var titleStyle = TextStyle

        .Text("Chart example")
        .SkiaSharpCanvas((canvas, size) =>
            var chart = new BarChart
                Entries = entries,

                LabelOrientation = Orientation.Horizontal,
                ValueLabelOrientation = Orientation.Horizontal,
                IsAnimated = false,
            chart.DrawContent(canvas, (int)size.Width, (int)size.Height);

This is a result:


Released under the MIT License